Asda Garden Furniture

The Asda store chain has shops all over the UK. Asda has been a familiar brand to many Brits for many years and is known as a type of shop where you can get anything from clothes to pans, furniture and household appliances. It is Asda’s aim to supply the shopper with a wide range of items that can all be purchased in one visit to the shop to save time. Saving money is another thing that can be done at Asda as it is easy to find anything that you may need for your home in these shops. Quality is matched by a low price on all the goods and this is something that plays an important part in the success story of the Asda chain.

Asda has been expanding its furniture range lately. High quality items can be purchased from the easy to use website and the main range of furniture that is sold is Asda’s own ‘George’ furniture collection. Tables, cupboards and even beds are sold through the website. The wide range of furniture is delivered within 48 hours after ordering and there is a wide variation in price range.

Asda are now expanding into selling garden furniture. The quality of these products can be tried and tested in most Asda stores and has received great reviews. Asda garden furniture is not for sale on the Asda website yet but this may be an option in the future. Just like with the regular furniture offered by Asda both the quality and pricing of the tables and garden chairs are excellent.

Aluminum garden sets can be purchased from as little as £90 but of course there are also more expensive garden sets. Your choice depends entirely on your personal preference and Asda has made sure to present garden furniture in every popular type of material ranging from teak and hardwood garden sets to cast iron garden benches.

A high quality material that has been introduced into Asda’s garden furniture line is all-weather wicker. The Asda garden furniture line made out of this durable material is made by using a polymer coating on the wicker. The products are water resistant and can be kept outdoors without any problems at all. The Asda garden furniture range is a well thought through range suitable for any type of garden and any kind of budget.

Asda garden products are only for sale in regular Asda stores and not on the Asda website as the company is now testing the products in the shops to see and as garden furniture is a type of product that is only sold in a specific season the items have not been placed online yet.

Visit Asda to find out what the garden furniture range has to offer. There is a guarantee on all ASDA garden furniture items and of course you can have the items delivered to your home if necessary. Asda’s team are ready to help you pick the best options for you and your garden and of course they can assist you with the best advice on how to keep your garden furniture looking great.

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