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Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete Landscape Edging

By admin On January 22, 2009 Under Landscaping

There are some people to want to add a decorative edging to their planter, garden or lawn and choose to use concrete landscape edging to do so.  There are positive attributes and negative ones to using concrete landscape edging as opposed to other materials on the market today, and individuals should consider these attributes before moving forward with that type of edging. 

Concrete landscape edging is the most permanent of all the types of edging.  For this reason, it is also fairly expensive in comparison to other materials such as plastic landscape edging.  Once concrete landscape edging has been put in place, there is no way to change it without a significant amount of work.  However, because the edging is seamless, it does not allow weeds to grow in the cracks like railroad ties, bricks or pavers tend to do, so it requires much less maintenance than the other types of edging in the long run.  Since it is permanent, individuals should plan very carefully where they want the edging so that they are happy with the end result.

Another benefit to concrete landscape edging is that it can be shaped, stained, patterned and painted to look like other types of edging.  For instance, it can be given a pattern and color to look like it is a brick edging material, yet it will not let weeds grow through it because it is a solid piece.  It is also more solid than the other materials so that if the individual happens to hit it with the lawn mower it does not chip as easily or become destroyed altogether like wood or plastic edging material tends to do.

If individuals are looking for edging material that will help to block root systems, concrete landscape edging is usually not the right choice for them.  It can be used as a root blocking edging, but it requires that a trench be dug around every planter, garden or lawn where the edging is going to be placed so that the concrete can be poured into the trench to help block the root systems.  This is even more expensive and time consuming, which is a deterrent to many individuals who contemplate using concrete landscaping edging for their yards.  If a root blocker is desired, there are many plastic edging materials that can easily be hammered into the ground, and what remains above the ground can look like brick, wood or other materials.

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