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Brick Landscape Edging

By admin On January 22, 2009 Under Landscaping

There are many different choices in landscape garden edging, which is beneficial to individuals so that they can find just the right type to fit their practical needs and their aesthetic tastes.  There is some landscape edging that will help individuals to reduce the trimming that they will have to do around their lawns since it helps to block the root systems.  There is other edging that is purely decorative and adds artistic flair to the planter or garden.  In addition, there is other landscape edging that serves as a reminder to dogs and other creatures to stay out of a certain part of the yard without putting up a fence around it which would block the artistic appeal of the landscape.

Brick landscape edging can add style to any yard, whether it is residential or commercial.  The brick landscape edging can be found in a variety of different colors and sizes to meet the needs of the particular area.  In addition, since the bricks are small overall, it is easy to fit them to a curved or a straight section of the planter or garden so that it follows the pattern of the yard.  Brick landscape edging also allows individuals to build them up slightly into a mini-wall to help to deter pests from entering that section of the yard.  Building up the bricks into a little wall is also helpful in preventing weeds and grass from growing up between the bricks, which later need to be pulled or trimmed.

Besides brick landscape edging, there is also material that can be used that has the look of bricks but does not have the price tag attached to it.  Plastic edging material can be made to look like many other materials such as brick, wood, and stone.  The benefit to plastic edging over brick landscape edging is that it also helps to prevent the root systems from traveling beneath the ground.  The reason for this is that the plastic edging has one piece that is decorative and remains above ground, and it also has a base to it that is sharp so that it can slide into the ground easily when it is hammered.  The plastic edging is also better than the brick landscape edging because it comes in interlocking pieces so that there is less of a problem with weeds growing up between the sections.  In addition, it stays in place better than the bricks which sometimes have to be re-set in the planter since they have moved over the course of time, or from the lawnmower coming too close to the planter.

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