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Archive for the ‘Flowers’ Category

A Sunny Garden

By admin On June 27, 2008 No Comments

The garden is a great place to relax once it has been tended, the lawn is mowed, the hedges trimmed and the garden furniture arranged correctly and cleaned ready for use. The overall look and aroma of the garden is down to the choice of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and fruits, picking the ones that are more colourful and will flower longer and which give off the scents you will like will create the atmosphere you want, this is the problem you may face when first planting in your garden, creating the design and arranging the beds and borders sets the look of the garden and may do for years to come.

The placements of beds and borders may be determined by you or the location of your garden. If your beds are in a sunny area there is plenty of scope for you to plant bright sun loving flowers that will make the garden look stunning. There are many perennials that love the sun and they are the mainstay of most beds and borders, you must choose the right ones that will thrive in the sun and they will need to be watered to survive.

Perennials will flower year after year and can be left in the borders and beds unlike many bulbs and summer bedding plants that will need to be removed. Many perennials especially the most popular ones can thrive in the sun and there are some lovely colours ranging from oranges through scarlet, gold and yellow allowing you to create a display of spectacular colours and shapes from early spring into late autumn.

To keep a bed looking good all through the year choose plants that can thrive in different seasons, this means you will always have some colour no matter what time of year. There are certain shrubs that will flower in spring and produce colourful berries in the autumn, some if you have shaded areas you will need to choose different type of plants for these areas that will love the shade and although they may not be as bright and colourful as the sun lovers you can still find some great plants that will add their own greens, blues and purples to the show. The right combination can make an amazing difference to how the garden looks and when you decide it is time just to sit out there and enjoy it you will see the benefit from the time you have taken choosing the right plants.