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Confinement and Beauty With Landscape Edging

By admin On January 22, 2009 No Comments

Landscape edging can be found in many different types of materials and is easy to implement in most cases, depending on the type used and the look that is desired.  Landscape edging helps to give the planters, garden and lawn a distinct look, with the edges clearly marked, so that it is neat and clean.  In addition, it helps to keep in any pine straw, mulch, wood chips, stones and other materials that are used in the planters and gardens so that they do not get caught up in the lawn mower or other machines when taking care of the lawn.  Additionally, landscape edging can help to stop the roots from spreading under sidewalks, curbs, and driveways so that grass and other plants do grow up into these areas and cause cracking and other issues, in addition to needing to be trimmed on a regular basis.

One type of landscape edging is concrete landscape edging, which is more complex to install, but offers a variety of different choices in design.  Concrete is permanent and helps to block the weeds and other plants that tend to grow up between some other types of edging materials like bricks and stones.  Concrete can be painted, stained, printed, and shaped so that it looks like many other types of edging such as brick, without the downfalls of brick.

Another type of landscape edging which is much easier to install, but is not permanent like concrete is plastic.  Plastic edging also comes in different patterns and looks, and comes in inter-locking pieces that are easily hammered into the ground in whatever pattern is desired.  This helps to block the growth of the root system under the ground while providing a decorative barrier around planters, gardens and along driveways and sidewalks.  There are other types of landscape edging which are less permanent, but are useful if the individual lives in a rental situation and is not allowed to do anything more permanent.  A wire edging is one option, which is also pushed into the ground so that it can stand up, but does not block the root system because it is wire.  It can help to protect planters and gardens from intruders such as cats and dogs, although it is normally not high enough to deter them altogether.

Other types of landscape edging that are more expensive but are popular to use are railroad ties, bricks and pavers.  Railroad ties create a distinct look around any planter or garden.  The down side is that they are large and are difficult to use if the planter has a curved shape to it.  Bricks and pavers are more easily managed for any shape of planter or garden, but they do allow weeds to grow between them and do not help to block root systems.