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Children Love Gardens Too

By admin On August 29, 2008 Under Garden Design

Children can enjoy “adult” gardens too, espically if there are lots of intresting shurbs and plants. Plants with big or bold leaves or insectivorous plants, will stimulate their imagination and encourage intrest as they grow older.

A play area can be incorporated into the garden plan as easily as any other feature. A sandpit can be positioned between two wooden walkways. with another small play area beyond a flowerbed. Using a small bed to devide up the play zone. this ensures it forms part of the garden and is not perceived as an appendage divorced from the garden proper.

Children love long walkways along the back of a border and the climbing mesh against another wall, and when they have outgrown such fun things, they can be removed and the garden is left without any redesinging to be done.

Illuminating part of your garden will enable you to drive amny more hours of pleasure from it and it will be a marvellous place to entertain your friends on a summer evening and children will also be fancinated by its magical grotto-like enchantment.

It is possible to create a stylish design that will appeal to parents and children in equal measure. A well designed garden should be flexible enough to accommodate a safe play area for children and an enterainment and garden seating dining area for the whole family to enjoy.

A lawn for play is an essential part of a garden that young children can enjoy. Position larger toys like swings or sea-saws in an area of the lawn that is clearly visible for supervision, but an “adult” space can easily be reinstatede when the swing or sea-saw is no longer required.

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