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Choosing the Right Landscape Garden Edging

By admin On January 22, 2009 Under Landscaping

There are many different choices to be made when landscaping a yard, whether it is a residence or a commercial workplace.  There are choices in the design of the yard, so that there are nice focal points and sitting areas to enjoy the various features of the landscape.  In addition, there are choices in the types of plants, bushes and trees that will go in the various places of the yard so that the landscape looks beautiful all seasons of the year.  Another choice is whether to put in a deck or a pond so that there are more options in the yard, in addition to making choices in the type of landscape garden edging that is to be used in different places.

There are many types of landscape garden edging available on the market today that fit individual preferences in style and cost.  There are some landscape garden edging pieces that are purely practical, such as metal and wire edging.  Metal edging does not even show above the ground.  It is dug into a trench along the edge of a lawn and driveway, or other area that needs the divider for the root system, so that it blocks the roots from growing under and through the hard spots in the yard.  This prevents the individuals from having to edge as often with an electric or gas edger, saving time and cost.  The wire edging is usually used as a preventative measure to deter animals from straying into a particular section of the yard without blocking off the section altogether.

There are also decorative landscape garden edging choices on the market, such as brick, concrete, plastic and railroad ties.  Plastic landscape garden edging is probably the most popular choice since it serves both decorative purposes as well as utility.  The plastic landscape garden edging can be found in any garden supply center and comes in pieces that interlock with each other.  This allows them to be easily installed and also replaced if there is any damage done to them.  In addition, they are easy to place around the planters and gardens since all that is required is a hammer to gently hammer them into the ground.  This is made even easier because the plastic landscape garden edging has a sharp base to it so that it can slide into the sod easily.  There are many different designs in plastic edging so that it can mimic other materials, such as brick, wood, stone, and it comes in different colors as well to help match the other design features in the yard.

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