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Garden Furniture Tables

By admin On May 5, 2008 Under Garden Furniture

Garden tables and sets can set the tone for your garden or outdoor space and should be chosen based on your own unique personality. Our patios and gardens are an extension of our home and we should outfit those areas with the same care as we do the inside of our homes. Garden sets should be functional, but above all, comfortable and inviting. On the market today are various styles and colors of garden tables from which to choose. Any outdoor décor can either be created from scratch or an existing theme can be complimented by one of the many fashionable sets available either in a store or online.

Consider who will be using the garden table…will it be you alone, or will your family and friends be joining you? Choose a garden table that sets the tone and add accessories around that piece to bring the look together. For a cozy cottage theme, white wicker chairs with oversized, colorful cushions surrounding a white, glass-topped table would be very attractive. Wood and glass dining sets accented with parasols and smaller side tables would be elegant in any setting. A beautiful country setting might lend itself to rustic furnishings such as sturdy Adirondack chairs around a solid, oversized wood table.

Garden furniture tables on the market today can appeal to any style, size of family and budget. The standard size garden furniture is tailored to a family or group of four. There are larger sets available if you’ll be entertaining often. Or, if you purchased more than one square or rectangular table set, you could place them together to create a seating area to accommodate a larger family or visiting family members and friends. For daily use, pull the sets apart and voila, the children or the teenagers have a space all their own. There are simple sets that cater just to the two of you also. A smaller glass-topped table with two oversized chairs on either side would be perfect for relaxing and sipping on a lemonade on a warm summer day. A well-placed bench within the trees or under an arbor could be a quiet place to read or simply reflect.

Materials from which garden furniture is manufactured varies greatly. You’ll find wood, which is pretty standard, teak, white cedar, molded PVC furniture, stone, aluminum, classic redwood, and even stainless steel. Glass tops are a popular feature on many tables. Some garden sets even have removable ceramic tiles that fit into a frame which serves as the table top. The ceramic tiles could be interchangeable depending on season if desired. Garden furniture tables come in several shapes: squares, rectangles, ovals, and circles.

Plan to make a worthy investment in your garden furniture tables and the additional pieces also, since you’ll probably want the set to last several years. The garden furniture tables on today’s market fit into just about any budget, from moderate to grandiose.

Your garden’s beauty should be complimented and enhanced by your choice of garden furniture. It should invite you to sit down, relax, be comfortable, and enjoy the garden on which you have worked so hard all year.