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Gardeners Almanac - January

By admin On October 17, 2008 Under Gardening Year
  • Send off your seed order.
  • Keep off lawns in frosty weather.
  • Plant rose bushes, trees and shrubs.
  • Prune fruit trees and bushes.
  • Spray fruit trees with a tar oil winter wash to kill pests.
  • Put rabbit guards around stems of young trees if necessary.
  • Sow exhibition onions in a greenhouse.
  • Lay turf if weather is mild and dry.
  • Firm back plants lifted by frost.
  • Dig over the vegetable plot.
  • Put plastic netting over winter brassicas to keep off pidgeons.
  • Plant three potatoes in a large flower pot in the greenhouse for an early crop.
  • Prune wisteria.
  • Knock snow off evergreens.
  • Feed birds in cold and frosty weather.
  • Prune summer flowering deciduous shrubs.
  • Melt ice on frozen pools to let fish breathe.

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