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Gardening Year - December

By admin On July 31, 2008 Under Gardening Year

There may not be much movement from the plants in your garden but if you get the chance it is still worthwhile getting out there and doing some work. Provided you avoid any wet weather and can choose one of those beautiful, bright, yet crisp December days. This is a perfect month for doing some seriously hard physical work as you will find that your capacity is a lot greater than when you have the sun beating down on your shoulders. I often get the urge to have a bit of a sort out at this time of year and perhaps making some harsh but necessary decisions about plants that have really passed their best and at the same time having a serious pre-spring tidy up.

It may be ok to leave sorting out your house until spring arrives but your garden will really appreciate some action now. Provided the soil is not too wet it is also a great time to get on with digging in or incorporating manure.

You will be amazed at how refreshing even a short burst of such activity in the garden can be at a time of the year when you might have been spending far too much time being a couch potato.

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