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Gardening Year - January

By admin On December 5, 2008 Under Gardening Year

It may seem as if the world consists purely of ice, frost, cold, dark and perhaps even a good helping of damp, but don’t let the gloomier aspects of January get you down. Surely there is nothing much more beautiful than a really bright, sunny albeit icy cold day? True, the weather may mean that there are quite a number of tasks you can’t easily get on with in the garden or, indeed that there are a good few things you would be better off delaying, but there is still a plentiful supply of things you can do if you have the time.

For me January is often a month when I plan and try to think ahead to gardening aspirations for the rest of the year and also try to crack on with some of the less plant orientated jobs - some tidying up or maybe even a bit of construction, who knows, but there is nothing better than a bit of gardening on a bright January day to clear away the cobwebs and cheer you up.

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