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Getting Rid Of Weeds

By admin On November 14, 2008 Under Gardening Advice

Getting rid of weeds is one lawn maintenance chore that most people cannot stand, getting down on the ground and pulling out weeds may not be your idea of a swell time, but it is necessary and will help keep your lawn looking its best. Weeds, like all plants, need sunlight, earth, food, and time to grow back. Regrettably, weeds do not know how to play fair and want the grass all to themselves and even after you have used landscape fabric, you may still have weeds. Although cutting the lawn helps, you are still not reaching down to their roots. This is when it becomes imperative to bend down and remove the weeds right from their roots.

There is some protective attire, which you have to wear during weeding and this include gloves, hat, and a long arm shirt as a safeguard against the sun as well as dangerous plants that you might catch with your hands. Take a plastic bag with you where you would put all the weeds which you withdraw, otherwise if you leave them in the grass, the seeds would distribute its growth once again. Pull the remove weeds put by its roots because if you only pull the top of the remove weeds out, it will regenerate and grow back once again. If a weed is difficult to take out, you may have to dig a little and then get rid of it once again.

Since getting rid of weeds is such a tedious action, many individuals will try to coax their children or the neighborhood kids by providing them a little money for their help. This is completely in order but you ought to teach the youngsters how to remove weeds properly, or else, the money you spent would not yield any result. If you do not get hold of any kid to do this job, spend at least a little time once a week to stay ahead of the latest growths since spending one hour in between jobs is better that grueling for five or six hours in one go. removing weeds can be made easier if you water the soil and remove weeds during the later part of the afternoon or early morning by using a tiny trowel to take care of the stronger weeds before they become too long.

Take a look at the list below to know what are the things to be avoided once you have gathered all the unwanted weeds. These are never to be used as mulch as the seeds would soon gow, negating the entire purpose of getting rid of weeds. Never burn the weeds as the odor could be damaging. Never add them to the compost file or try to consume them, as they may be damaging to health. Place them in the trash inside the house as you may have gathered small insects that could invade your home. The right way to discard of them is to put them in a trashcan, which is placed outside the house. Now that you know how to remove weeds, reduce their number, and dispose of them, get out there and commence removing weeds.

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