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Greenhouse Gardening – Framing And Flooring

By admin On August 29, 2008 Under Greenhouse Gardening

Although some greenhouses have been made of steel (which soon corrodes) and modern conservatories are double-glazed and have decay-proof plastic-type frames, to most gardeners the choice of greenhouse is between wood and aluminium. Plastic tunnels are used commercially, but in a garden lack permanency and the attractive visual appeal of traditional wooden greenhouses.

Timber Constructions

The life expectancy of timber-framed greenhouses depends on the type of timber used and its maintenance. Baltic redwood, also known as yellow deal, is frequently used but needs regular painting, as well as being initially treated with a wood preservative. If neglected, extremes of temperature, both inside and outside, as well as high humidity, peel paint off the glazing bars. Additionally, the wood may eventually warp and both doors and ventilators cease to fit properly, allowing in draughts.

Western red cedar is more durable, but instead of being preserved by coats of white paint is coated in linseed oil. And rustproof brass or galvanized nails are used in its construction.

Oak and teak have been used and are long lasting. Unfortunately, they are prohibitively expensive materials. Many early Victorian conservatories were constructed from these woods and lasted well into this century.

Aliminium Framework

Most greenhouses are now made of aluminium and have the advantage of not needing any maintenance. Additionally, the supporting framework and glazing bars can be narrower than wooden ones, enabling more light to reach the plants. This is especially beneficial during autumn, winter and also in the early spring.


The easiest way to create a path is to lay paving-slabs either directly on the soil or a layer of sand. If at sometime later, the layout of the greenhouse needs to be changed.

Conservatories, of course, need more permanent flooring and this is provided by concrete with tiles or some other surface on top.

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