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Greenhouse Glazing Materials

By admin On September 30, 2008 Under Greenhouse Gardening

Many materials other than glass have been used to create a clear covering for greenhouses. Indeed, the Romans some two thousand years ago use thin sheets of mica in frames to cover plants.

Sheets of polycarbonate, 3mm/1/8in thick are amazingly strong – thick sheets are said to be bulletproof! – and about one third of the weight of glass. But although tough and initially allowing about 85% of light to pass through, it deteriorates after about fifteen years and eventually its structure breaks down.

Acrylic is slightly cheaper but unfortunately also has the ageing problem of polycarbonate.

Hooped tunnels are covered with sheets of clear or opaque plastic, but they do not have the good warmth retention properties of glass and after a few years discolour and perish due to the action of ultraviolet light. In commercial horticulture, these structures are very popular and create inexpensive protection for plants.

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