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Insulation Of Your Greenhouse

By admin On October 31, 2008 Under Greenhouse Gardening

Conserving heat is essential, especially if the greenhouse is used in winter. Bubble glazing, formed of three layers of plastic with air-bubbles between them, traps warmth within the greenhouse and is especially valuable for attaching to the coldest and most exposed sides and roof. It is held in place by a range of fittings, including double-sided adhesive pads, drawing pins in wooden greenhouses and special clips in aluminium types.

Both white and green ‘bubble’ insulation is available: the green often makes the greenhouse too dark in winter, although if left in place in summer it creates useful shade. Other forms of isolative material include polythene sheets reinforced with wire mesh.

Large greenhouses can be mad more economic to heat by partitioning them with these materials, but ensure they are firmly secured and cannot fall on top of a heater.

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