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Lawn Care Calendar

By admin On July 25, 2008 Under Lawn Care

January and February - Sweep off fallen leaves. Keep off the grass when it is frosty. Send the mower for servicing.

March - The lawn starts to grow in most years. Give it a light trim with the mower set high. Water on a moss killer if moss is a problem but remember that moss will return if the lawn is badly drained, shaded or poorly fed.

April - Mow more frequently. Rake out dead moss killed earlier. Trim lawn edges and re-cut those that are broken.

May - Apply a combined weedkiller and fertiliser dressing with a wheeled distributor to make sure the application is even. Sow new lawns from seed.

June, July and August - Have the sprinkler handy in dry spells and leave it running for at least an hour in any one spot. (you will need a sprinkler licence from your local water company). Mow the lawn twice a week. Spot weedkiller can be used on stubborn weeds.

September - Start raising the cut of the mower. Apply an autumn lawn dressing. Later in the month, rake the grass with a wire tooth springbok rake. Spike the lawn with a fork and brush sharp sand into the holes. Sow lawns from seed or lay turf.

October, November and December - Mowing frequency can be reduced and the height of cut raised. Lay turf in mild weather. Sweep off leaves and keep off the grass when it is frosted.

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