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Lawn Care & Mowing

By admin On May 7, 2008 Under Lawn Care

Grass needs cutting regularly all the time it is growing, even in winter if the weather is mild. Rather than mowing once a week regardless, cut the grass when it actually needs it. Mow hard wearing lawns when the grass reaches 5-6cm and fine lawns when the grass is 2.5/3cm high.

In late spring when growing conditions are good this may mean cutting twice a week. In late autumn, once every three to four weeks may be enough.

Hard wearing lawns should not be cut too closely, leave the grass at least2.5cm high. Fine lawns can be mown more closely but not shorter than 1.25cm.

Leave grass slightly longer in spring and autumn and whenever growing conditions are poor (during summer drought for instance) to avoid over stressing it. Set the mower blades 6-13mm higher. Longer grass can look greener during a drought.

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