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October Gardening

By admin On September 25, 2008 Under Gardening Year

By now autumn is beginning to make itself felt. In mild autumns the frosts may have not yet started but it is likely that there will have been a few, even if only light ones. This is your last opportunity to check that all plants that can be affected by frost have been lifted and stored or given some other form of protection.

You should, of course, always look after tools but at this time of the year, as the autumn rains start they may get muddier than usual. Because you may put them away and not use them again this year it is worth making doubly sure that they are clean and oiled to protect them from rusting. Do not just clean the metal parts, wipe down the handles as well. The same applies to any machines that you have been using.

In the fruit and vegetable gardens there is more produce to be harvested and stored. Storage can be a problem if you have not got a suitable outbuilding bulit of brick or stone. Garages and wooden sheds are suitable alternatives but they may get cold with the temperatures dropping below freezing in midwinter. If you can, line them withpolystyrene or use a thermostatically controlled heater to keep the temperature just above freezing. Another possibility is to use a defunct chest freezer. This will keep the frost out when the lid is closed but it should be closed only when the weather turns really cold. At other times it should be allowed to circulate freely around all stored produce.

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