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Organic Vegetable Gardening

By admin On November 21, 2008 Under Organic Gardening

Just one of the money-saving ways of gardening is organic vegetable gardening, which the farmers are now becoming involved in, as they find that the crop yield remains unchanged. You to can do this at dwelling but first, you have to realize the principles of organic vegetable gardening. The first rationale is that organic vegetable gardening is that it does not require the use of manmade fertilizers, pest killers or artificial nutrition. Nature provides all that you need to do this with A couple of basic contributions, water and sunshine. We don’t produce these ourselves but you have to find the perfect area and provide adequate drainage.

Apart from sunlight and water you could encourage plant growth by using items like compost heap made from waste food, chipped portion of barks, garden compost, moulds from fallen leaves and natural fertilizer. Mix all these things together and distribute it all over your garden area. Some people abhor the idea of natural fertilizer, but do not concern yourself, as you could always buy it from the store. Have chickens and let them roam unhindered in the garden. Many people prefer to use dead carcasses of animals or meat products - for this, leave them in the trash can, till maggots come out and then use it as a fertilizer.

One other helpful creature is the earthworm because it digs deep into the ground and aerates the soil bringing various minerals to the surface which also provides better drainage. The casting, which these creepy crawlies leave behind, are enriched in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, of course, these can also be purchased. Organic vegetable gardening can also mean that you become accomplished in handling several uninvited guests like armyworms, crickets, gypsy moth caterpillars, slugs and squash bugs. Earlier, people used fertilizer to kill them but in an organic setting, the foremost weapon is the toad which is known to eat more almost every kind of insect. When spiders or caterpillars overrun your garden, get the birds to get rid of them, since toads hate to eat them.

It is not required that you go to the pet store to buy the toads or birds, they would become frequent visitors to your garden, provided you keep the surroundings perfect for them to come. You can put up a bird house or a small pool and within days, you will have some new residents protecting your garden. Two other great garden protectors are preying mantis and ladybugs as both of them are very territory conscious and any intruder would soon get killed.

Plants also protect vegetables. For example, the rosemary, sage or thyme is an effective deterrent against butterflies and Marigolds are effective against nematode worms. Though there is no shortage of natures garden defenders supplied by nature, crop rotation is still thought to be the best way for keeping the soil fertile and productive. If you planted this kind of vegetable for this season, change it with another and the return to the first after this one is harvested. The principles behind organic gardening are very elementary. Only practicing it for a while, can make you a better organic gardener.