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Positioning Your Greenhouse

By admin On October 31, 2008 Under Greenhouse Gardening

Orientate full-span greenhouses so that the ridge runs from east to west. This enables low, winter light to pass through the glass.

Additionally, if tall plants are positioned on the side away from the sun they do not cast cooling shadows over others.

Avoid places shaded by buildings or trees, as well as overhanging trees that might drip rain on the greenhouse.

Position the door away from prevailing winds. Most doors in metal-framed greenhouses are on runners and slide across the opening, but wooden types are hinged, if possible, so that they open away from the prevailing wind.

A hedge on the windward side helps to reduce wind speed and therefore its cooling effect. Indeed, the benefit of a hedge can be felt up to a distance of thirty times its height. For instance, a hedge 2.4m/8ft high reduces the wind’s speed by 75% at a point 4.5m/15ft from it. And at a distance of 12m/40ft the reduction is still as much as 65%

Lean-to greenhouses require warm walls, especially to encourage the development of early maturing crops

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