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Residential Landscaping Service

By admin On January 29, 2009 Under Landscaping

Residential landscaping services provide a variety of different options for that can fit the needs of homeowners.  There are tree and landscape services that make the outdoor areas around the home beautiful, creating works of art through the trees, bushes, flowers and other plants that are used in the yard.  These landscaping companies also provide more practical services that are useful for homeowners who are building a new house or updating an older one, and can offer advice on changes to a current landscape plan to make it more efficient and attractive.

Types of Services

On the practical side, residential landscaping services provide drainage systems and irrigation systems for gardens and lawns.  This is helpful to homeowners who do not want to risk implementing these systems themselves and want a specialist to plan it out and build it.  Residential landscaping services also provide soil and soil improvement, where they will test the current soil in the lawn or garden to see what nutrients are lacking so that the proper fertilizer or other nutrients can be added to it. 

In addition to these more practical services, residential landscaping services also provide decorative features for yard improvement such as decorative brick paving that can go around driveways or pools, retaining walls and other stone masonry work.  They will also often build decking around the house, as well as putting in lighting so that it will offset the yard to give it the perfect look both night and day.

Residential landscaping services will also include planning out a garden or lawn’s look.  This means the shape of the lawn or garden, the plants that will be used or the type of grass, the edging around the garden and lawn, and any water features that are desired are all planned by the landscape gardener.  Once all of these features are in place, the residential landscaping service will come and help to maintain the garden or yard as a whole so that it looks its best at all times.

In addition to these features, residential landscaping services will also help individuals plan an environmentally friendly yard, helping to make it easy to take care of, water efficient and resistant to weeds and other pests.  They will also teach individuals to use organic fertilizer, compost, and pesticides so that the environment will not be harmed and pets and humans are kept as safe as possible.  They will also help to include plants and trees that will look beautiful all year round, so that the yard has a certain appeal during every season of the year.

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