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September Gardening

By admin On September 25, 2008 Under Gardening Year

Autumn is a mellow time, colours change and the pace of garden annual cycle slows down. It is also a season of flavours, wonderful juicy blackberries come into season and apples and pears are coming into their own.

The lazy time is nearly over and it is time to start gardening again. The gardener must always be thinking ahead and planning. There is no such thing as instant gardening. Forethought and preparation are needed if you want to have a productive and attractive garden next year.

Now, as autumn approaches is the time to start tidying and getting the garden ready for winter. It is also time to start preparing the ground for the following year. This not only gives the soil time to weather but also allows any organic material to finish rotting down. Many plants, vegetables in particular, prefer to be planted into soil that was manured some months earlier rather than into ground that has only recently been treated.

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