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The Greenhouse Effect

By admin On September 30, 2008 Under Greenhouse Gardening

Radiation from the sun contains infrared radiation as well as visible and ultra-violet radiation. When this radiation reaches a greenhouse, the glass reflects long wavelength infrared radiation, but allows short-wavelength infrared radiation as well as visible light to pass through. These are then absorbed by the soil and plants, thereby raising the temperature. Additionally, infrared radiation emitted by the soil and plants is of a longer wavelength and does not pass back out through the glass. Therefore it becomes trapped inside the greenhouse, thereby causing the temperature to rise.

If this continued, the temperature within a greenhouse would become unbearable. Therefore, provision must be made to open up ventilators to make the temperature suitable for the plants. Low external temperatures, and wind and rain are also responsible for decreasing temperatures within the greenhouse and make heating the structure very expensive.

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