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Throughout The Summer Months

By admin On August 18, 2008 Under Flowers

If you want to plant the seeds of some easy summer flowers, plant them in late spring. Because the soil is warm, germination can take place while the spring rains set the seedlings on the move. Some of the popular summer flowers are Zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, petunias, bachelor buttons, balsam, alyssum, marigolds, vinca, poertuluca and lobelia.

Sunlight for at least six hours each day is needed for the summer flowers to grow profusely. Southwest and desert climate zones are hot areas. So the afternoon shade would be right. After you have dug the soil for about six inches deep, turn it over with a shovel. This is when you are preparing the soil. Turn over the soil with a mixture of compost, some rotten manure and fertilizer, following the package advice. You must plant the tallest flower plants at the back followed subsequently by heights with the shortest in front. Follow this pattern if the flower bed has a wall or fence behind it. This would help the taller plants to lean against the wall and would never be inclined to put the smaller plants in the shadow.

What is to be done when the flower bed is in the center? Plant the tallest plants in the center. Then plant the mid height plants followed by smallest and spreading flower plants in the outer ring. Put on your creative cap as you plant the flowers with a wild mixture of colors, much like what you see in meadows. You could also use some coordinated colors. Remember pastel shades look wonderful. Talking about colors, why not select two opposite and bright colors like red and blue? Fill in with lots of white or orange and purple with a lot of cream or white. You could always pick up various shades of blue and inject a bit of yellow here and there.

Planting seeds need to be done much more closely than the package suggests. This gives you extra seedlings as you lose some to the birds and bugs. This is followed by covering the seeds as directed and putting a layer of mulch on top. Water your seeds well. Excess water is as bad as no water. So do not water your plants routinely every day but only when they are dry. Before spacing your plants, wait till they have shown at least 4 true leaves after sprouting. 6, 12 and 18 inches for shorter, medium and taller flowers is the right distance to be maintained between the flowering plants.

Can you imagine the more you pluck them, the more they blossom and this is the most wonderful part about summer flowers. From the perspective of the plant, the primary and only purpose of a flower is to spread seeds for future. When this job is over, the plant would stop to bloom anymore. When you remove flowers, the plant still blossoms. The plant can be made to bloom the second time if after the first bloom you cut down the flowers by half. The flowers this time may not be as wonderful as they were the first time, but they would be lovely still. Late spring is the right time to plant seeds for summer flowers, if you want a magnificent display throughout the summer months.

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