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Types Of Garden Lights

By admin On July 28, 2008 Under Garden Accessories, Garden Design

Globe Lights - Glass globes on short stems, good low lights for lighting up patio and barbecue areas as the soft light glows out evenly all round.

Shaded Lights - Lamps with a mushroom shape that throws a soft light down to make a circle of light, useful in low planted borders.

Pathway Markers - Short squat lights that shine to one side, good for low lighting steps or use small tiered lights on short stems for outlining paths.

Feature Lights - Low power spotlights that give subtle rather than striking effects, the low voltage versions are particular soft. They can be bought on brackets to mount on walls or on spikes to push into the ground.

Floodlights - Strong lights that need mains current for flooding large areas or for dramatic directional effects. Dramatic floodlighting can make a contemporary garden look incredibly theatrical at night. Use it to accentuate the shapes of striking plants, like a group of spiky yuccas, a twisted tree or a large leaved shrub like a fatsia. Floodlights work well with bold architectural shapes too, used along a balustrade or at one side of a group of standing stones in a gravel garden. The sci-fi effects are all due to the contrasts between the bright light on the leaves or stone and the long dark jagged shadows they cast. Dont fall out with the neighbours though, adjust your floodlights so they are not shining in through their windows.

Outdoor Fairy Lights - In my garden I have put up fairy lights inside the pergola. Mine are the all white version of outdoor Christmas lights which I have dotted around in the roof where the foliage is thickest, so they look like stars twinkling through the leaves.

You can find many different styles of garden lighting at B&Q Furniture or Homebase Furniture.