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Why Garden Organically

By admin On February 8, 2009 Under Organic Gardening

By gardening organically, the dependence on chemicals is removed. By eliminating chemicals used in regular gardening, your vegetables will be healthier because they will get the nutrients by natural means. Unlike traditional gardening; organic gardening will help to prevent potentially harmful toxins from entering your body. Lastly, it is much more environmentally friendly.

The biggest problems, with using modern gardening products, are the man-made chemicals. The modern gardening products such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. contaminate the health of humans and the health of the environment. The reason behind this is because the chemicals do not just stay on the soil. These chemicals seep into the ground and poison water supplies, gardens, your home, and as mentioned, your health. The use of modern gardening products containing man-made chemicals are responsible for the reduction of the Earth’s ozone layer; and they also have been linked to serious health problems, including cancer, in humans.

There are many people who garden organically for many different reasons. Chief among these are the various philosophical reasons such as a desire to live in harmony with the Earth. Living within one’s means so to speak, and attaining a balance in the garden.

I garden organically because of these reasons, and also because to me it seems easier ultimately. I grew up learning both organic and conventional methods, and have gradually switched over to wholy organic because when the soil is properly prepared and fed, it will in turn feed the plants in a way that will reduce insect and disease problems, and reduce weeding and watering chores. Every hour I spend mulching and composting probably saves me a couple hours of weeding and other work.

I’ve been gardening organically for a long time. So long in fact that I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it. For me, gardening is one of the most natural, complete, and enjoyable ways of spending my time. I love every aspect of it – the fresh air, soil, and the sounds that the birds make first thing in the morning. I relish the challenges and opportunities that each different season brings. And I’ve never been afraid of a little bit of hard work, particularly when there are fruits associated with my labour. But while I’m sold on organic gardening, you may not be. At least not yet! However, before dismissing it, I’d like you to consider why I, and many others besides, find gardening according to organic principles an entirely fulfilling, life-enriching passion.

Contemporary philosopher Thomas Moore has noted that individuals may choose to garden because of a need for vegetables or the need to be connected to their roots in nature. This is a simple, yet quite profound, observation. I’d like to take a closer look at Thomas Moore’s observation in the context of why you might like to consider joining me in the garden.

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