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Archive for May, 2008

Flower Beds

By admin On May 30, 2008 No Comments

One classic gardening idea that you can use to enhance your property is a flower bed. Flower beds draw attention and allow you to showcase your ornamental plants. Even besides what plants you choose for your flower bed, there is a virtually unlimited number of possibilities to pick from. You may position your flower bed so that it is a focal point, or in can complement other features on your property.

Once you decide where you want your flower bed, look at the immediate surroundings; you may notice a color or theme you want to tie into your flower bed. For instance, if your porch is lined with a certain kind of rock, you may want to use the same rock for your flower bed. This may also help you decide what plants you want in your flower bed. Flowers are an obvious choice, but by no means are you limited to flowers. Many people use ground covers and various ivies in their flower beds. The combinations and looks you can create with a flower bed are endless.

Most Important Gardening Tip: Tools and Techniques

By admin On May 30, 2008 No Comments

Whether you are just starting off or are a seasoned professional, there is one gardening tip in particular which should be considered by all, and that is the factor of choosing and maintaining the proper tools for the job. Not only does having the correct tools make the job itself easier, it also saves unnecessary wear and tear in your yard and undue exertion on your body.

Most important is to move the tree into position in the planting hole without delay, as this can cause a negative end result. Be sure to lift the plant by the root ball, and check to see that the tree is properly perpendicular to the ground before trying to insert. Backfill the soil over the areas which it is required, making sure that the soil is firm in these areas.

Creating the Perfect Garden

By admin On May 30, 2008 No Comments

It can be difficult to come up with a new gardening idea for your property. Some people call professional landscapers to help with this task, but just by looking on the internet and in magazines, with a little imagination, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding that perfect gardening idea. Before you begin, you may want to consider what you want to say about yourself or your property before you take on a project. For instance, if you know your preference between say a rustic or trendy look, you can use this information to save you time and energy.

Neighbors are also a source of gardening tips. These people know the local area very well. The experts are usually obvious by the results they display in their yards. A drive around the neighborhood will reveal the best gardeners in the area. A thoughtful inventory of the plants that are thriving in the neighborhood gardens can supply gardening tips to everyone in the area. The tips from these neighbors will be most relevant to others in the neighborhood. A friendly chat while walking the dog or getting some exercise might provide the best gardening tips available. A successful neighborhood gardener might even be willing to let neighbors watch their work at close range.

Another good-to-know gardening tip is that of the replanting of trees. As with the moving of a plant, it may seem simple at first, but there are some pointers which are incredibly important, and which might not be taken into consideration, especially by the novice gardener.

Gardening Tips Are Available from Local Garden Centers

By admin On May 30, 2008 No Comments

Providers of gardening supplies and equipment make huge profits from these items so many of these establishments have hired experts to provide gardening tips to attract customers. Some of these establishments are dedicated to gardening, but home improvement stores usually have gardening centers that supply plants and gardening tools. The experts in these stores can provide tips on the plants that they sell their customers. These experts also have gardening tips for planning and maintaining a beautiful garden. All of these establishments have books that have the latest information about gardening techniques.

Although some might think that the process is quite simple, knowing the actual basics can be helpful. For one, you should choose a mild cloudy day, and you should water the plant deeply before transporting it. Dig down on each side, severing the roots as you go, slip heavy duty plastic under the root ball, and tip the tree gently to the side, pulling the plastic through under the root ball. After this, pull the plastic up and tie it around the trunk – after this, you can move the plant and replant it wherever you like.

Water Gardens

By admin On May 30, 2008 No Comments

In recent years, water gardens have became increasingly popular. This is a great gardening idea, especially if you can place it close to an outside sitting area, or in another prominent place where it will be enjoyed. You may want to position your water garden so that your guests can easily walk next to it. Water lilies are commonly used in these displays, as well as gold fish. Like the flower bed, location and the desired look will help guide you in picking out plants, landscaping materials, and possibly yard ornaments or figurines.

The most important thing with any gardening idea is to create something that you can enjoy for years. So look around your property and see what you come up with, and, above all, have fun.