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Archive for June, 2008

Garden Hammocks

By admin On June 30, 2008 No Comments

When you think of a hammock, you probably have visions of one suspended between two palm trees on a desert island. Well, with the range of garden hammocks that are available you can recreate this without the need of palm trees, or any trees for that matter, in the comfort of your own garden.

Garden hammocks are a wonderfully relaxing way to lounge in the sun, and there are a large number of styles available. With this amount of choice there is sure to be one to fit your style and budget. The most basic types of garden hammocks available consist of a tubular metal frame and heavy duty fabric hammock. These can be assembled in a matter of minutes and are extremely light weight. You can move the hammock into any position in your garden easily, and dismantle it quickly for storage during wet weather or winter. Some metal frames are telescopic which allows you to change the height and length of the frame to fit your individual needs. The frames are durable and hard wearing. The majority of metal frames are made from steel which has a protective coloured coating that wipes clean.

Other frames are available for garden hammocks that are made from wood. These come in a variety of colours and styles, depending on the type of wood used. Weatherproof treatments and wood preservers can be reapplied every few years to extend the life of the frame. They can also be painted with coloured wood paint to match your preferred colour scheme. These frames, especially the heavier woods, are not designed to be dismantled frequently, and need at least two people to move them around the garden. However, they are far sturdier than some of the more lightweight metal ones and far more stylish.

The hammocks themselves are made from a heavy duty fabric that can be treated with a weatherproof coating. This can be reapplied after washing. There is a large choice of different styles and colours of fabric available from the most basic cream colour to a more eye-catching multi-coloured stripe to ensure that there is one to suit you. The garden hammocks are available in different sizes from children’s to those capable of holding two or more adults comfortably. If you are looking for something a little more unusual than a traditional sun lounger to enjoy the sun in then a garden hammock is the perfect choice. They are comfortable and make a feature for any size of garden that adults and kids will love.

If you prefer to be seated, rather than lying down, then a garden swing is an alternative style to the garden hammock. These are available in two or three-seater versions and have a sturdy metal frame to allow the seat to swing gently. A built-in cover helps keep you comfortable in the shade as you rock back and forth. Removable seat cushions are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns to compliment your colour scheme and allow for easy cleaning.

Herbs In The Garden

By admin On June 27, 2008 No Comments

When setting out a garden today many people add different features and these may range from designer garden furniture and ornamental ponds and water features to the ever popular vegetable patches and herb gardens.

There are more and more people in the 21st century growing their own vegetables and herbs in the garden, this is not a new concept for centuries people have grown herbs in their gardens and for many different reasons such as culinary, cosmetic even aromas and of course their medicinal and healing properties.

Many gardeners today still have a small herb section in their gardens mixed in with the flower beds or vegetable patch. Most people grow herbs for cooking purposes and there is no substitute for fresh aromatic herbs, many of the herbs fit well into a modern garden and can also add colour and texture to the garden. It is a good idea especially at first to keep herbs together or close by to each other and possibly leave the name stakes with them until you are familiar with what they look and smell like.

Most herbs can be grown in most types of gardens, rosemary, sage, tarragon, dill, bay, thyme, mint and basil just to name some are very popular and can easily be grown. Not all herbs however should be grown together. Some such as mint grow very quickly and can soon swamp other plants in the same bed or area, to control mint growth you must limit the sideways growth of the roots, you can do this by sinking a large pot with no bottom in the garden and plant the mint in the pot. Mint is a popular and aromatic herb and as long as you control it, it deserves a place in your garden. Some herbs need a lot more care than others and may need to be grown in a container and brought inside on rainy and cold days to help them survive, basil is a fine example of this type of herb. No matter what herbs you choose to grow you will find that they not only add to your cooking aids but the colour, look and aroma of your garden.

A Sunny Garden

By admin On June 27, 2008 No Comments

The garden is a great place to relax once it has been tended, the lawn is mowed, the hedges trimmed and the garden furniture arranged correctly and cleaned ready for use. The overall look and aroma of the garden is down to the choice of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and fruits, picking the ones that are more colourful and will flower longer and which give off the scents you will like will create the atmosphere you want, this is the problem you may face when first planting in your garden, creating the design and arranging the beds and borders sets the look of the garden and may do for years to come.

The placements of beds and borders may be determined by you or the location of your garden. If your beds are in a sunny area there is plenty of scope for you to plant bright sun loving flowers that will make the garden look stunning. There are many perennials that love the sun and they are the mainstay of most beds and borders, you must choose the right ones that will thrive in the sun and they will need to be watered to survive.

Perennials will flower year after year and can be left in the borders and beds unlike many bulbs and summer bedding plants that will need to be removed. Many perennials especially the most popular ones can thrive in the sun and there are some lovely colours ranging from oranges through scarlet, gold and yellow allowing you to create a display of spectacular colours and shapes from early spring into late autumn.

To keep a bed looking good all through the year choose plants that can thrive in different seasons, this means you will always have some colour no matter what time of year. There are certain shrubs that will flower in spring and produce colourful berries in the autumn, some if you have shaded areas you will need to choose different type of plants for these areas that will love the shade and although they may not be as bright and colourful as the sun lovers you can still find some great plants that will add their own greens, blues and purples to the show. The right combination can make an amazing difference to how the garden looks and when you decide it is time just to sit out there and enjoy it you will see the benefit from the time you have taken choosing the right plants.

Everyone Wants Outdoor Furniture For The Summer Time

By admin On June 25, 2008 No Comments

If there is one thing that everyone wants to have for summertime, it is outdoor furniture, and so of course you are going to have to know where the best places are that you can go to where you will be able to find high quality outdoor furniture at great prices. You are certainly lucky in this regards because there are many different options that you have in regards to where you can go to find outdoor furniture, and so you can certainly at least rest assured in the knowing of this.

The Best Places That you can go to for Outdoor Patio Furniture

If you are trying to decide on where to go for your own outdoor patio furniture, then you should know that before you leave and go out to actually purchase the furniture, you are going to want to set out a sort of plan for yourself, in order to make things as easy and as quick as possible. In this plan, you are going to want to include things such as the budget that you want to spend.

As well, there are many different companies which offer large selections in regards to patio furniture, and it is they who are truly the experts in this forum, as they are an incredibly longstanding business and they have gained much respect over their years in business. They work very closely with manufacturers in order to be able to bring you the customers a variety of unique choices and at great prices at that. Have a look at the large retailers like Homebase Garden Furniture and B&Q Garden Furniture.

Indoor And Outdoor Patio Furniture: What Style Would You Like?

When it comes to shopping for patio furniture, the sky is the limit as far as what styles, colors, and textures you want. There are so many variations when it comes to indoor and outdoor patio furniture that you should have no problem finding a style that suits your tastes. Depending on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend, you can always try the stores near you, such as department stores or furniture stores, but your best bet might be to check online for the best deals.

One Of The Best Things

By admin On June 25, 2008 No Comments

One of the best things that you can do in order to help yourself out here is to read reviews on the companies that you are deciding between, and so what you want to do here then is figure out what the best couple of furniture stores are that sell items for the outdoors and then read reviews on these particular companies so that you can see what customers’ opinions are on the stores, and thus so that you can get an idea as to what one you think would be the best of all for you to go to.

See for further information.

Some people think that this is a waste of time or that it is unnecessary effort but really in the end you will be saving both time and money, as rather than going around from store to store you will be able to just go to the one store, and because you have already done your research on it, you will thus already know that it has the item(s) that you are looking for.

Once you realize that this effort will be well worth it in the end, it greatly eases the entire process overall, and so you can really relax and enjoy the shopping process rather than dreading it and being frustrated over it.

Another good idea is to bring some of your friends or family when you actually go out to purchase the items, so that you have someone there that can give you an opinion in regards to whether or not they think that you should buy the items, and although you certainly should not let their opinions make the decision for you, you should definitely take them very seriously into consideration, as this will help you and make your shopping and purchasing processes a great deal easier overall, which is really most important of all.

There are many other options that you have here as well in regards to other companies that you could go to, however they are certainly one of the best and so you should definitely check them out before you go to any other store, because you are sure not to be disappointed and as well you are sure to be able to find exactly what you are looking for, quickly and easily, and without any hassle at all.

When you are trying to decide between companies, make sure that you find one that has the following qualities: high quality products, affordable prices, and superior customer service. If the company has all of this, then you really know that you can put your trust in them as a company, and you will know that you will be getting the best worth for your money possible.