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Archive for March, 2009

Planning An Outdoor Room

By admin On March 23, 2009 No Comments

First consider what you want to include on your patio or terrace. Plan the size of the paved area to accommodate sofas, loungers and a dining table and chairs with space to move around them. It is a good idea to select the style and size of furniture before your patio is built.

Site an outdoor dining and kitchen area within easy reach of the house so you can bring food and drinks into the garden without fuss.

For north facing gardens, where placing a patio at the sunny end of the plot may be best, think about installing an electricity supply for a fridge and plumbing for a sink.

Barbecues that use mains gas are also a great idea, especially in small gardens since they obviate the need to store gas cylinders.

Sofas and chairs made from weatherproof wicker style fibre have helped transform gardens into outdoor sitting rooms. The furniture can be left outside all year round and thanks to lightweight aluminium frames is surprisingly light and easy to move. Although the cushions are showerproof it is best to store them under cover when they are not in use and over the winter.

Lighting Your Garden

By admin On March 23, 2009 No Comments

Spotlights set into the risers or side risers of the steps make them safer for you and your visitors while creating light and shadow patterns. Similar lights set into path edges and decks are also effective. For brighter illumination use post lights or lanterns. Electric lights that run off the mains or LED’s are best for these areas.

Uplight tree stems, seating or sculpture withspots set at the base are best. For a subtle effect, dot solar powered lamps around the garden or hang candles in wind proof holders in trees.

Garden Lawn Supply

By admin On March 6, 2009 No Comments

To maintain a healthy lawn garden supply of the best nutrients for the soil is most important, next to good wholesome watering on a regular basis. There will be lawn garden supply shops around that cater only for lawns, since economic conditions have dramatically changed to suite the smaller business person, instead of owning a whole nursery, a lawn garden supply spot could be just the thing to fill the niche of a variety. The capital outlay of owning a lawn garden supply store would not be as much as the whole nursery, you would only need a small storage space and a few products and a small variety of lawn to display.

Considering you wouldn’t own a nursery that sells every kind of gardening products, your knowledge of only lawns is what you would have to know. There is not extremely much to know about lawns, as the topic is very limited, in comparison with all the other plants, trees and shrubs out there. Your lawn garden supply shop should be able to supply roll on lawns by placing an order to be delivered and laid. Sound advice on maintaining a good lawn is also important. However you are going to get those customers that do come in and demand that you have everything else there is to sell in the genre of greenery, but economic conditions may not allow for that currently.

Since those customers that are requiring everything else but what you sell, they would probably need to go to the outdoor garden supply store where they can buy furniture for the garden and other accessories for their gardens too. Yes it is nice to have a stunning bench to relax on in the middle of your well kept lawn, just under the shade of the sycamore tree where you can relax and read a book if you wanted to. But then again some people are pedantic about their lawns and want nothing on the lawn; just lush, juicy, healthy green lawn is all they want to see.

What your lawn garden supply shop should have in stock also is: tools, accessories for lawn equipment and lawnmowers for maintaining the lawn, not only sods and the organic nutrient and insecticides. Lawn seed, and products that make maintaining your lawn easier and cheaper in the long run, such as a compound which helps retain more moisture in the ground so less watering is needed less frequently.

Water Garden Supply

By admin On March 6, 2009 No Comments

With water being a scarce commodity on the planet it is your duty to conserve as much water as possible. Making your water garden supply as efficient as possible would be just one of the many things you could do to ensure less wastage of nature’s natural resources.

If you are one of those people who do not mind using potable water in your water garden supply system, this could save you a lot of money in the long run. Another way of saving water for your water garden supply system is by having a borehole installed so that the water is not billed onto your water account too.

Whatever types of lawn you may have or for the flower garden supply for water, it should be as clean as possible from harmful detergents. Using potable water for your water garden supply system means that all possible water running out the showers or baths can be used, and the cleaning agents used to keep them clean would be running directly into your garden on a regular basis, making your plants look and grow differently.

Sometimes it would seem as though the plants are not growing, as they should with some deformities. It would be therefore important then to use biodegradable products when cleaning these areas such as the bath and shower, which would not damage your plants and lawn. The soaps and shampoos used when bathing or showering should be of a biodegradable nature too.

Having a rich lush garden would mean also that a lot of food and minerals are also used in your water garden supply system, these come at various prices as some are digitally automated to feed and water your gardens and lawns at specific times which suite you or the can be operated manually with a dial timer.

Food and minerals would be placed in a dispenser close to where the water garden supply originates, at the original tap or borehole, and would need refilling every now and again. By using organic food and minerals in your water garden supply dispenser, you need not worry about over feeding your plants and lawn as organic foods will not damage them with excessive over feeding, just a lot more will go to waste.

Since your water and food supply system would be the most expensive individual investment in your garden it is important to go with a good brand you can rely on, which is also adaptable to other systems, and uses standard parts to repair if necessary, but could still seem very expensive but worth it.

Bamboo Garden Edging

By admin On March 6, 2009 No Comments

Gardening is such a great way to relieve stress and to get your hands doing something other than the normal tasks of using the computer or cleaning the house. A garden is also a great place where a gardener can display their talents or green fingers. They can indeed show off their skills for being creative in the way that they set out their gardens.

It is for this reason that bamboo garden edging has gained a reputation in being the way to go if you want to have an attractive garden. Another reason for bamboo garden edging being used is the price and ease with which it can be used. Being a creative gardener is about experience as you will be able to know what works and what doesn’t. The different types of bamboo garden edging allow for this talent to flourish. It is also about creating the right visuals as a proud gardener also want so show off their beautiful garden.

When using bamboo garden edging as a way of keeping all your trees and plants from overgrowing then perhaps making bamboo a theme in garden should be the next step. This will include using a bamboo garden fence and perhaps getting a bamboo patio built up for you. It is not all that difficult once you get started. In order to be able to visualize what your bamboo garden will look like you should search the Internet for what a successful bamboo garden looks like. And from that create your own garden mood board to incorporate the things that are most appealing to you.

You should also be aware that like all plants bamboo does come in all shapes and sizes. So you have to keep in mind just how thick you want your bamboo garden edging to be.  if your bamboo garden edging is for plants then thickness will depend on how large the plant is a similar rule also applies to lawn edging.

Timing is always crucial as bamboo garden edging should not be a rushed job. This should the time you take to simply enjoy doing something other than normal routines. When shopping around enjoy the feel of the plants as well as the advice that might come along with buying bamboo. The best part is that your garden should be a haven for nature to come in. This can be birds and other little creatures that can nestle in your bamboo garden edging.