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Archive for the ‘Garden Design’ Category

Bamboo Garden Edging

By admin On March 6, 2009 No Comments

Gardening is such a great way to relieve stress and to get your hands doing something other than the normal tasks of using the computer or cleaning the house. A garden is also a great place where a gardener can display their talents or green fingers. They can indeed show off their skills for being creative in the way that they set out their gardens.

It is for this reason that bamboo garden edging has gained a reputation in being the way to go if you want to have an attractive garden. Another reason for bamboo garden edging being used is the price and ease with which it can be used. Being a creative gardener is about experience as you will be able to know what works and what doesn’t. The different types of bamboo garden edging allow for this talent to flourish. It is also about creating the right visuals as a proud gardener also want so show off their beautiful garden.

When using bamboo garden edging as a way of keeping all your trees and plants from overgrowing then perhaps making bamboo a theme in garden should be the next step. This will include using a bamboo garden fence and perhaps getting a bamboo patio built up for you. It is not all that difficult once you get started. In order to be able to visualize what your bamboo garden will look like you should search the Internet for what a successful bamboo garden looks like. And from that create your own garden mood board to incorporate the things that are most appealing to you.

You should also be aware that like all plants bamboo does come in all shapes and sizes. So you have to keep in mind just how thick you want your bamboo garden edging to be.  if your bamboo garden edging is for plants then thickness will depend on how large the plant is a similar rule also applies to lawn edging.

Timing is always crucial as bamboo garden edging should not be a rushed job. This should the time you take to simply enjoy doing something other than normal routines. When shopping around enjoy the feel of the plants as well as the advice that might come along with buying bamboo. The best part is that your garden should be a haven for nature to come in. This can be birds and other little creatures that can nestle in your bamboo garden edging.

Tropical Outdoor Décor

By admin On January 16, 2009 No Comments

There is no one who has a deck who would not love some tropical outdoor décor. What better way to just step outside and feel as though you are on a vacation in sunny Spain? With tropical outdoor décor you can create an outside garden getaway for yourself, and never even have to buy a plane ticket. There are some really gorgeous pieces that are available these days and best of all affordably priced so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune.

Now if you are looking for some fun tropical outdoor décor, there are a few stores in particular that are going to be worth your time. After all there are various different types of décor that are offered at home décor stores, including inside décor and holiday outdoor décor, but to make sure that you find the tropical outdoor décor that you are looking for, start here.

When it comes to décor that is tropical and a whole lot of fun, this is one company that you should always keep in mind. The Design Toscano Company designs their pieces around the beauty of Tuscany, Italy, so you will always feel as though you have just taken off on a jet plane and are relaxing hundreds of miles away from home.

They have animals, fairies, angels, mermaids, classic, Celtic, and various other pieces and designs that you may be interested in, and all for prices that you can afford.

If you really want to save a bundle, check out Target, where you can find some great outdoor décor, tropical styled and other. Of course you already know that their prices are really low so you can spend under one hundred dollars and get all the pieces that you are looking for. They always have promotional products on as well which means that you will get them at sale price.

No matter where you decide to go shopping, you need to make sure that when you find an item you like, you do some comparison shopping to make sure that you can get the lowest price. Why would you pay more than you had to?

Even if this is all you do to redecorate the outside of your home, it will leave a lasting impression and will be a dramatic change. With tropical outdoor décor you will have friends and family over visiting all the time, relaxing and hanging out in the sun on your glorious back deck.

Garden Hanging Baskets

By admin On January 13, 2009 No Comments

Most people that are engaged in doing up their gardens tend to use pots as well as tubs at ground level in order to decorate their gardens. However, to add another dimension to the garden, why not consider hanging garden décor in the form of hanging baskets that help to add charm to the garden and to also make a noticeable difference to the appearance of the garden.

Hang From A Pergola

One of the best places to affect hanging garden décor is to hang the baskets from the cross-beams of pergolas that of course must be strong enough to bear the weight of the hanging baskets. Another way of adding to the hanging garden décor is by constructing a series of uprights as well as cross beams in the shape of the letter L and use this construction to hang the baskets from.

With the help of hanging baskets you can create an interesting scenario that will please the eyes, especially when the rest of the garden seems to be very flat. You need to simply add a number of hanging baskets that you can then place at varying levels so that there is a random pattern created that will prove to be the eye-catching feature of the garden during the summer months. And, during winter you can plant pansies as well as evergreens as too dwarf conifers that will ensure that the hanging garden décor suits every weather condition.

It is also possible to vary the hanging garden décor by using wall brackets from which to hang the baskets, which can prove to be an especially striking addition when used in the vicinity of the porch and balcony. Fortunately, there is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing your hanging baskets and you can in fact, easily opt for simple wired meshes or go for plastic pots or even pots made from clay.

Once you have decided on using hanging baskets for your hanging garden décor, you will then need to address the issue of planting the baskets. You need to also ensure that the plants are positioned in the proper manner, especially in basket’s top portion and you can also think about having some of the plants poke out of the sides of the basket.

The bottom line with proper hanging garden décor is that you can experiment and mix and match various different types of hanging baskets and bells as well as bird baths to create a more stunning garden.

For those people that have a particular fondness for the outdoors, and gardens in particular, there are many exciting options when it comes to choosing a garden décor gift. You can choose items to suit a housewarming party or a birthday or even an anniversary. If you choose your gift wisely, the recipient will appreciate your thoughts and will be able to add something useful to their garden.

Established Rock Gardens

By admin On December 22, 2008 No Comments

In the established rock garden the most tiresome chore is probably that of weeding. Nonetheless, it is a job that must be taken seriously for weeds pose a really serious threat to dwarf plants, crowding them for space and competing with them for nutrients and water. It has really been made clear that the eradication of perennial weeds must be a first step in preparing a site for a rock garden. They must be plants, like dandelion and dock, with thick and deep-reaching roots; bulbs, such as some species pf Allium or Oxalis, that produce vast numbers of bulbils; or members of a large group of pernicious weeds including bindweed, clover, couch grass and ground elder that extend their territory by means of runners or stolons.

Spending time to ensure eradication in the initial stages will  save subsequent hours of difficult labour. Even when great care has been taken in the preparatory stages, there is still the danger of perennial weeds germinating from seed or being introduced by other means. One of the commonest ways these plants are introduced is a seed or as very young plants with new stock brought into the garden. All bought stock, and for that matter whatever comes by way of a gift from others gardeners, should be closely examined for any sign of weeds growing with the new plant. By keeping alert, it should be possible to remove all perennial weeds at the first sign, even if this may mean risking the sacrifice of a plant with which the weed is entangled. Failure may mean perennial weeds gaining a hold.

They will spread there roots under stones and in crevices; once they are established there may be no alternative to dismantling rockwork to get rid of them. Some of the new weed killers that can be applied to the leaves of weeds offer the hope of a radical improvement in control. Even when sterilized soil has been used in the construction of a rock garden and there is a weed-inhibiting mulch of chippings, annual weeds will eventually appear. Among the most troublesome are annual grass, chickweed, club moss, groundsel and shepherd’s purse. Annual grass is a particular nuisance, with a talent for lodging itself in the heart of choice plants. The earlier weed seedlings are dealt with the better; a major battle has been lost when weeds are mature enough to flower and seed. Working over the rock garden with a hoe at any opportunity will kill weeds before they have a chance to become robust. Selective weed killers can only be used with great caution so that if annual weeds are allowed to get away there may be hours of hand weeding ahead of you. It would be misleading to give the impression that rock garden plants are completely free of diseases but on the whole it is true that they are little troubled. When plants are attacked by viruses and fungi, ruthless elimination is probably the soundest course.

Natural Garden Design

By admin On December 22, 2008 No Comments

In almost any garden the introduction of water, even on a small scale, adds an attractive dimension. In the rock garden a well placed pool or a sequence of pools with running water can heighten the effect of a wild natural landscape created by the rocks and plants. The addition of water also provides an opportunity to grow numerous plants that complement alpines and rock plants. Re-working an established rock garden to accommodate a water feature may involve the moving of heavy rock and the lifting of established plants.

It is therefore ideal to plan water features as an integral part oft he rock garden right from the beginning. A later  addition is so often fitted in where it is likely to cause the least work and this may not be the most visually satisfying solution.  pool should have two levels, the main body about 75cm (30ins) deep, and a margin, about 25cm (10ins) deep. It is best situated where it will be in full sun for at least half the day. Construction in concrete is laborious and requires experience to get a really satisfactory result. A leaking pool is worse than no pool at all. Prefabricated fibreglass pools are strong and easy to install although they are somewhat expensive. It is necessary to excavate a hole slightly larger than the pool itself and then to use sand or fine soil as a backing layer to give the pool support. The lip needs to be concealed with an edging of rock to make it look as natural as possible. The least expensive and one of the most satisfactory methods of construction is to use a pool liner, made out pf PVC, for example, laid on a bed of sand spread on the base of the hole. The sand must be free of sharp stones otherwise there is a danger that the liner might be punctured. The rim of such a pool will also need to be disguised by and edging of rock.

If a series of pools are to be connected by running water some form of pumping system will be needed to circulate the water. The installation of electrical equipment, such as a submerged water pump, should be carried out by a qualified electrician. However, these pumps do tend to clog up and so it is important to keep your pool water as clean as possible. The best way to do this is to install oxygenating plants. A pool liner can also be used to form a small bog garden, the ideal companion to the rock pool. The liner should be laid in a hole about 30cm (12ins) deep with drainage holes cut in about 15cm (6ins) from the bottom. The bed can be filled with a loamy compost over turves that have been laid grass-side down. If a pool is to be a feature that really enhances the rock garden, its planting should be on a scale with the rest. the pool itself can be planted with deep-water and marginal water plants. What will give it a really authentic touch are the bog plants surrounding it. These could include some of the moisture-loving astilbes, primulas and ferns, as well as many other beautiful plants.