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Archive for the ‘Garden Seating’ Category

Garden Lounging

By admin On July 24, 2008 No Comments

No California inspired patio is complete without the essential garden lounger or sunbed. Ironically, although meant for relaxation sometimes these loungers can appear to be designed for style rather than comfort, so the key to success is try before you buy. Do not be seduced by the latest fad or trend, opt for comfort first then think practically, do you have anywhere to store it? If not, then be prepared to treat timber models annually with a preservative. Finally, think style, there is a lounger out there to suit every sun worshiper, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Sun Worshipper Essentials

Lounging in the sun should be the ultimate relaxation experience and a time for pampering and self indulgence. Unfortunately this idyllic scene can be all too easily ruined if you are plagued by insects or fall victim to sunburn. Some clever planting can repel unwelcome visitors and produce your own supply of natural remedies.

Lavender is perfect for scattering in pots around your lounging area, as not only does it have wonderful aromatic relaxation properties but at night it keeps moths away. Chamomile and eucalyptus are equally good at repelling mosquitos and peppermint and chrysanthemums are ideal for driving away ants, so try to work them into your plans for a dining area. If you over do the sun worshipping just break the leaves of an aloe vera plant and rub the sap directly onto your skin for a wonderfully cooling effect.

Fold Away Chairs

By admin On July 18, 2008 No Comments

Balconies pose a special problem as space is usually limited. Rather than normal garden chairs, consider director’s chairs which can be folded to take indoors.

Design Tip - Design a balcony garden so that there is good access and an area where several people can gather to sit together without fear of falling over plants or pots. This may mean grouping containers together into a few choice areas but the impact will not be diminished.

Bench Seats

By admin On July 18, 2008 No Comments

Bench tables with integrated seats can be reminiscent of public picnic places but small stylish ones will banish any suggestion of lack of taste. A varnished table will keep its natural appeal which makes it attractive as well as practical.

Design Tip - Avoid placing a rectangular table at right angles to the wall or edge of the paving. It will probably look more pleasing if angled.