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Archive for the ‘Garden Wisdom’ Category

Green Thumbs Green Fingers

By admin On December 5, 2008 No Comments

In America it is said that a successful gardener has “green thumbs” while in Britain they are said to have “green fingers”.

Those poor souls who lack for gardening skills are said to have digits that are either purple, black or brown. The worker who possessed the greatest “green thumbs” was also elected to make the first planting and sowing in a field before the rest of the labor joined in.

Gardeners, even to this day believe in having a close affinity with their plants, which may well be the source of all “green thumbness”. In fact the renowned plant breeder Luther Burbank once said that love was the prime nourishment a plant needs. It is fitting to note that during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake when much of the city was destroyed, not one plant or one pane of glass from Burbank’s greenhouses was harmed.

Day Of Week Planting

By admin On December 5, 2008 No Comments

This attitude to planting is still observed in parts of North America, mostly among gardeners of the older generation.

Certain days of the week are considered either good or bad, depending on their significance. Fruit that is picked on Sunday was believed to return to the tree the minute it was picked. Friday was a very bad day for planting, being synonymous with Good friday and the crucifixion. There was a general taboo applied to gardening on Sunday - anuthing planted on this day was destined to die prematurely.

Weather or Whether

By admin On December 4, 2008 1 Comment

A Gardener’s life
Is full of sweets and sours
He gets the sunshine
When he needs the showers

Reginald Arkell 1882-1959