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Archive for the ‘Gardening Advice’ Category

Garden Lawn Supply

By admin On March 6, 2009 No Comments

To maintain a healthy lawn garden supply of the best nutrients for the soil is most important, next to good wholesome watering on a regular basis. There will be lawn garden supply shops around that cater only for lawns, since economic conditions have dramatically changed to suite the smaller business person, instead of owning a whole nursery, a lawn garden supply spot could be just the thing to fill the niche of a variety. The capital outlay of owning a lawn garden supply store would not be as much as the whole nursery, you would only need a small storage space and a few products and a small variety of lawn to display.

Considering you wouldn’t own a nursery that sells every kind of gardening products, your knowledge of only lawns is what you would have to know. There is not extremely much to know about lawns, as the topic is very limited, in comparison with all the other plants, trees and shrubs out there. Your lawn garden supply shop should be able to supply roll on lawns by placing an order to be delivered and laid. Sound advice on maintaining a good lawn is also important. However you are going to get those customers that do come in and demand that you have everything else there is to sell in the genre of greenery, but economic conditions may not allow for that currently.

Since those customers that are requiring everything else but what you sell, they would probably need to go to the outdoor garden supply store where they can buy furniture for the garden and other accessories for their gardens too. Yes it is nice to have a stunning bench to relax on in the middle of your well kept lawn, just under the shade of the sycamore tree where you can relax and read a book if you wanted to. But then again some people are pedantic about their lawns and want nothing on the lawn; just lush, juicy, healthy green lawn is all they want to see.

What your lawn garden supply shop should have in stock also is: tools, accessories for lawn equipment and lawnmowers for maintaining the lawn, not only sods and the organic nutrient and insecticides. Lawn seed, and products that make maintaining your lawn easier and cheaper in the long run, such as a compound which helps retain more moisture in the ground so less watering is needed less frequently.

Water Garden Supply

By admin On March 6, 2009 No Comments

With water being a scarce commodity on the planet it is your duty to conserve as much water as possible. Making your water garden supply as efficient as possible would be just one of the many things you could do to ensure less wastage of nature’s natural resources.

If you are one of those people who do not mind using potable water in your water garden supply system, this could save you a lot of money in the long run. Another way of saving water for your water garden supply system is by having a borehole installed so that the water is not billed onto your water account too.

Whatever types of lawn you may have or for the flower garden supply for water, it should be as clean as possible from harmful detergents. Using potable water for your water garden supply system means that all possible water running out the showers or baths can be used, and the cleaning agents used to keep them clean would be running directly into your garden on a regular basis, making your plants look and grow differently.

Sometimes it would seem as though the plants are not growing, as they should with some deformities. It would be therefore important then to use biodegradable products when cleaning these areas such as the bath and shower, which would not damage your plants and lawn. The soaps and shampoos used when bathing or showering should be of a biodegradable nature too.

Having a rich lush garden would mean also that a lot of food and minerals are also used in your water garden supply system, these come at various prices as some are digitally automated to feed and water your gardens and lawns at specific times which suite you or the can be operated manually with a dial timer.

Food and minerals would be placed in a dispenser close to where the water garden supply originates, at the original tap or borehole, and would need refilling every now and again. By using organic food and minerals in your water garden supply dispenser, you need not worry about over feeding your plants and lawn as organic foods will not damage them with excessive over feeding, just a lot more will go to waste.

Since your water and food supply system would be the most expensive individual investment in your garden it is important to go with a good brand you can rely on, which is also adaptable to other systems, and uses standard parts to repair if necessary, but could still seem very expensive but worth it.

Getting Rid Of Weeds

By admin On November 14, 2008 No Comments

Getting rid of weeds is one lawn maintenance chore that most people cannot stand, getting down on the ground and pulling out weeds may not be your idea of a swell time, but it is necessary and will help keep your lawn looking its best. Weeds, like all plants, need sunlight, earth, food, and time to grow back. Regrettably, weeds do not know how to play fair and want the grass all to themselves and even after you have used landscape fabric, you may still have weeds. Although cutting the lawn helps, you are still not reaching down to their roots. This is when it becomes imperative to bend down and remove the weeds right from their roots.

There is some protective attire, which you have to wear during weeding and this include gloves, hat, and a long arm shirt as a safeguard against the sun as well as dangerous plants that you might catch with your hands. Take a plastic bag with you where you would put all the weeds which you withdraw, otherwise if you leave them in the grass, the seeds would distribute its growth once again. Pull the remove weeds put by its roots because if you only pull the top of the remove weeds out, it will regenerate and grow back once again. If a weed is difficult to take out, you may have to dig a little and then get rid of it once again.

Since getting rid of weeds is such a tedious action, many individuals will try to coax their children or the neighborhood kids by providing them a little money for their help. This is completely in order but you ought to teach the youngsters how to remove weeds properly, or else, the money you spent would not yield any result. If you do not get hold of any kid to do this job, spend at least a little time once a week to stay ahead of the latest growths since spending one hour in between jobs is better that grueling for five or six hours in one go. removing weeds can be made easier if you water the soil and remove weeds during the later part of the afternoon or early morning by using a tiny trowel to take care of the stronger weeds before they become too long.

Take a look at the list below to know what are the things to be avoided once you have gathered all the unwanted weeds. These are never to be used as mulch as the seeds would soon gow, negating the entire purpose of getting rid of weeds. Never burn the weeds as the odor could be damaging. Never add them to the compost file or try to consume them, as they may be damaging to health. Place them in the trash inside the house as you may have gathered small insects that could invade your home. The right way to discard of them is to put them in a trashcan, which is placed outside the house. Now that you know how to remove weeds, reduce their number, and dispose of them, get out there and commence removing weeds.

Different Gardening Styles

By admin On November 11, 2008 No Comments

Each gardener has his(or her) own set of characteristics that make him, or her fit for particular styles. You can easily have an edge over other gardeners if you know yourself and how your characteristic style would benefit your vegetable yield in the organic vegetable garden that you are trying to produce. But what are the distinct forms of gardening that you can look out for? Here are some of the types that you can consider:

Residential Gardening

If you are a beginner, not given towards growing vegetables for moneymaking reasons, then this is one of the most familiar ways of gardening. The main purpose for doing this is to grow and provision the family with a frequent source of vegetables and at the same time it decorates one’s own backyard. This does not demand too much space and can also be worked in window sills, balconies and other reduced places that have enough light supply that are easy to check on and at the same time, easy to preserve and free from insect pests. The foremost thing about this mode is that a completely novice gardener can develop his skills and become more developed when he selects his next style with ease and comfort.

Specialized Gardening

This style requires choosing areas, which are non-residential, yet recognized for its soil quality, and these plots of ground are sold because of this property. Some spaces that belong to this category are parks, botanic gardens, entertainment parks and other points of tourist interest. Frequently a quantity of staff are essential to maintain it due to its size, so efficient administrative skills on top of gardening proficiency may be necessary. It is also tailored for returning in profit to certain causes or organizations.

Impact Gardening

If you desire to stop the weeds from developing, with nominal cost, then go for this sort of gardening. It requires using a relatively reduced space and increasing its prospectives, but the plants are often jam-packed together.

Indoor Gardening

This falls under the chances supplied by residential gardening. There are several cases of gardening, which belong to this class, namely, gardening for conservatories, greenhouses or academic institutions. Methods for heating and air conditioning may also be found for certain strains of plants. Indoor gardening is for people who like to cultivate whether it is in or out of season.

Water Gardening

If you like to garden but do not have much time for overseeing it, and enjoy water organisms, then water gardening should be your choice. This is a little of a challenge for most gardeners because it usually doesn’t require the initial conditions of other conventional gardening styles. This sort of gardening appeals to those who have adequate water facilities.

Community Gardening

This form of gardening would appeal to those who like group activities where a community decides to make a ‘green’ difference to their place of living. While there is massive reach in this style, each gardener has the full permission to do gardening the way he finds most fitting.

Garden Propagators

By admin On October 17, 2008 No Comments

A heated propagator is of great help to the gardener and if one is available it is possible to do without heat in the greenhouse. Warmed propagators can be used for germinating seeds, rooting cuttings, starting bulbs and tubers, bringing on tender plants and forcing strawberries.

A modern propagator will consist of a container such as a wooden or plastic seed tray or box with a clear plastic domed cover to keep in warmth and humidity. The simplest form of heating is a metal plate warmed by electricity on which the containers are placed.

There are also propagators which are heated by electric air or soil warming cables, an electric light bulb or paraffin. A thermostat will stop the temperature rising to baking point on warm sunny days.