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Archive for the ‘Herbs’ Category

August Gardening Essentials - Herbs & Vegetables

By admin On July 29, 2008 No Comments

Herbs and Vegetables

Water crops during dry weather.

Harvest crops regularly and promptly so as to enjoy the biggest, tastiest and most tender meals possible.

Hoe off weeds between rows regularly.

Remove side shoots from tomatoes.

Herbs In The Garden

By admin On June 27, 2008 No Comments

When setting out a garden today many people add different features and these may range from designer garden furniture and ornamental ponds and water features to the ever popular vegetable patches and herb gardens.

There are more and more people in the 21st century growing their own vegetables and herbs in the garden, this is not a new concept for centuries people have grown herbs in their gardens and for many different reasons such as culinary, cosmetic even aromas and of course their medicinal and healing properties.

Many gardeners today still have a small herb section in their gardens mixed in with the flower beds or vegetable patch. Most people grow herbs for cooking purposes and there is no substitute for fresh aromatic herbs, many of the herbs fit well into a modern garden and can also add colour and texture to the garden. It is a good idea especially at first to keep herbs together or close by to each other and possibly leave the name stakes with them until you are familiar with what they look and smell like.

Most herbs can be grown in most types of gardens, rosemary, sage, tarragon, dill, bay, thyme, mint and basil just to name some are very popular and can easily be grown. Not all herbs however should be grown together. Some such as mint grow very quickly and can soon swamp other plants in the same bed or area, to control mint growth you must limit the sideways growth of the roots, you can do this by sinking a large pot with no bottom in the garden and plant the mint in the pot. Mint is a popular and aromatic herb and as long as you control it, it deserves a place in your garden. Some herbs need a lot more care than others and may need to be grown in a container and brought inside on rainy and cold days to help them survive, basil is a fine example of this type of herb. No matter what herbs you choose to grow you will find that they not only add to your cooking aids but the colour, look and aroma of your garden.