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Retractable Awnings : A Buyer’s Guide

By author On November 20, 2010 Under Uncategorized

The sun provides us with life sustaining heat and light, but it becomes a bit much at times. Sometimes it’s relaxing to sit outside with a great book and beverage, but the sun’s rays or a stray shower can end your good time rather quickly. The sun is quite welcome on a cooler day, however, and a retractable awning lets you choose how much or how little sunlight you want to receive. But what do you need to consider when buying a retractable awning?

Certainly, the first item for consideration is what function the retractable awning will serve. For example, a restaurant owner might want to provide relief to his customers from the glare of a rising or setting sun. This would call for an awning constructed of fabric that blocks a majority of the light. This same benefit can also be extended to the home. Locations that don’t receive much natural shade from the sun can experience not only cover by means of an awning, but will find lower electric bills from reduced air conditioner use. If the weather takes a turn for the cooler, simply retract the awning and your home will be showered in warm sunlight.

Also consider what the retractable awning is intended to cover. If you plan on covering a patio to protect furniture and a wooden deck, the awning will probably be extended more often. For an awning that will face the elements more often than not, you will definitely want to buy one made of durable fiber and even airplane-grade aluminum. Wind and water are not kind to things left out in them, so your awning will need to be able to withstand various weather conditions. And speaking of wind, the better the quality of the cloth and metal, the less likely it is that an unexpected wind storm will tear your awning apart.

Another consideration to think about when buying a retractable awning is where you are planning on putting it up. If it is on a patio or other place that will experience considerable traffic, make sure the structure to which the awning will be attached is high enough that people won’t be cracking their heads on the extended awning. Be sure that the structure is able to handle the weight of the awning as well. There is no need to damage both the awning and the building if it falls under too much weight.

Retractable awnings are a good investment for comfort and home improvement. Just think about what your awning will be used for and where it will be erected and you will have a good idea of the route to take. Use some common sense when buying a retractable awning and you should have little trouble.

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