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Three Reasons People Want an Artificial Lawn

By author On October 5, 2010 Under Uncategorized

More and more homes now have an artificial lawn outside. Each year there’s an increase in their popularity, with three main reasons: maintenance, cost and the environment.

Most commonly cited is the maintenance issue. Any gardener can tell you the difficulty of achieving a perfect lawn. It takes hours of care every month and even more in the summer to keep a lawn looking lush, full and green. It isn’t just mowing a lawn that takes time and effort; it is watering it with the hose because grass needs plenty of water to flourish. Gardeners must also spend time fighting problems such as pest and fungi with chemical products. And lastly, gardeners often need to spend time reseeding worn areas of lawn, because genuine grass is nowhere near as hardwearing as an artificial lawn. Indeed, some gardeners choose not to use artificial lawn for their entire garden: artificial turf can be entwined with genuine grass to strengthen areas of high usage.

It goes without saying that financially, times have been hard lately and so homeowners are looking to save money. An artificial lawn is usually more expensive than buying genuine turf but the purchase has to be looked at as a long term investment. The artificial lawn will last years and will pay for itself in savings on water bills, fertilisers and powering a lawnmower.

The final factor affecting the popularity of the artificial lawn is the environment. Whilst it’s true that the process of making the product has an impact on the environment, it eliminates the need for the use of harmful chemicals. At the same time, the use of large amounts of water isn’t needed.

With these factors in mind, it’s easy to see why so mny people want an artificial lawn. They reduce effort, spend and environmental impact. What is surprising is that more people haven’t already made the change.

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